An interview with Ton Elias

During the General Assembly Ton Elias first deputy speaker of the Dutch House of Representatives gave a speech to all the delegates. After this speech we as journalists had the opportunity to interview him and ask him our burning questions. The first question was about what he liked more to be a journalist (because he…(Read More)


The day started at the ‘Binnenhof’. When all the delegates had arrived and went through the security everyone got to see the room where the General Assembly was going to be held. After everyone had found their seat the official opening could start. The General Assembly started with the resolution of AFCO (Committee on Constitutional…(Read More)


The day started at the Haags Montessori Lyceum. The delegates gathered in the central hall. At first the delegates started their committee meetings. There they divided the tasks for the General Assembly. After these last meeting the participants returned to the central hall for their first workshop given by prof. E. Sutorius. He gave the…(Read More)