Day 3


The day began with further committee meetings, with one additional and exciting factor! Today, experts in specific fields came into the committee rooms to work with the delegates to help them further form opinions on their topics. The press team was also hard at work by interviewing interesting individuals such as Claude Turmes, the Luxembourgish Minister for Energy and Spatial Planning.

Following the long day of committee work, the students were treated to a delightful dinner at Come à la Maison. Afterwards, the Presidents, CPs and delegates made their way to the Forum for a fishbowl discussion. They were treated to a thoroughly interesting répertoire of questions and answers about the European Union with Tilly Metz, a Member of the European Parliament, and Mike Hentges, the Chief Diplomatic and European advisor to the Prime Minister of Luxembourg. The discussion was led by journalist Pierre Weimerskirch, and focused on how the bureaucratic process weakens bills to combat climate change.

Ultimately, the guest speakers told us in an ensuing interview that they were extremely proud and hopeful to see so many young supporters of European institutions.