The Ultimate Guide to succes in the GA


Some may be excited, others are scared to death, but everyone may need some final tips for the General Assembly.

  1. Be the argument. Know what you are going to say, stand behind it and believe it. Show the people you have confidence and they will believe you, whatever you say.
  2. Distinguish yourself. There are so many delegates out there in the General Assembly, if you’re not different – in a positive way- you will just merge into the mass. So just stand up, speak, in your own style, with your own words and make the rest wonder why they thought you were wrong.
  3. Don’t panic, because you have a plan: your resolution. Everything you need is in there.
  4. Show that you’re having fun, people like to see speakers who are passionate about what they are doing. Or at least pretend to be having fun.
  5. Remember: it’s just a game. The GA is actually nothing more than that, so play smart. Don’t put all the cards on the table at once, save some arguments for a surprise attack.
  6. Last but not least: enjoy your moment of fame.