Dear Delegates, Committee Presidents, Teachers, and Guests, Welcome on our WeMEP III Koblenz/Bonn 2019 website. My name is Emil Schaefer and I will be part of the Presidency for this years’ conference, which I am already really much looking forward to. The MEP project is a simulation of a Conference week of the real European Parliament, mainly organized by and entirely for the European Youth. Young and enthusiastic europeans have the chance to meet and discuss pressing political issues, but also to broaden their own horizon in terms of cultural and personal perspectives – In short, MEP lets young people experience what the European Union means, and exactly this is, what makes it so valuable. For this years conference, we have chosen five pressing and controversial topics, including domestic policy, environmental and scientific policy as well as issues on security and the structure of the European Union. The cool thing here is, that most of these issues have not been as prominent amongst the previous MEPs which guarantees that we will face fresh, creative ideas – another key aspect of MEP. Following the idea of giving Europe’s Youth a sense of what the EU means, we have decided to have this conference in two cities. Now, it is not Strasbourg and Brussels, but Koblenz and Bonn will do their part – I am sure. For many MEP alumni, this project has had a sustainable impact on their future lives and careers. Irrespectively of whether they actually choose to pursue a political career or not, MEP teaches us young europeans transferable, invaluable skills and attitudes. The eagerness to raise one’s voice, stand up for what is important to oneself, intercultural understanding and cooperation, the persistence to keep going to find the best possible solution, even after hours of Committee meeting, or the ability to speak in front of large crowds, just to name a few ones. For me personally MEP has done the same. I finished High School and the confrontation with opposing and controversial opinions that I have first experienced at MEP has motivated me to go abroad and work in a totally different cultural environment, as well as to study a Politics related course. I wish us a great MEP conference, and you, dear delegates and Committee Presidents, that this MEP conference may have the same impact on you, as previous ones had on me.

My name is Inês and I am an 18-year-old Portuguese living in Luxembourg.
I have been a delegate three times, I am going to be a committee president on the next national MEP session in Luxembourg, and finishing my journey with being a part of the presidency leading the WEMEP in Koblenz.
I am not only interested in politics but also fascinated by science. Hence I have decided to choose a scientific section at school and to study chemistry or physics afterwards.
In my free time, I concentrate on activities stimulating creativity, like playing the piano, which I do for 12 years now. I also try to find time to continue my art projects and especially to go climbing.
To conclude, although I have my flaws, I am a very open person and I am looking forward to participating to this WEMEP.

Welcome everybody!
My name is Lasse Lutgen and I will be one of the presidents of the WE-MEP III. I live in Koblenz in Germany and I am 18 years old.
Having been delegate and committee president on a regional and national level several times as well as president here in Koblenz, I will do my best to contribute to the success of this international MEP.
Since I was on a high school exchange year in Texas in 2017/18, I am even more excited to meet so many new people my age from all over Europe.
I am really looking forward to an awesome WE-MEP and to exciting debates and conversations!
With this in mind, I hope we will have an amazing week here in Koblenz and Bonn, or how you’d say in Texas: see y’all!