Day 4


It was a long day of debating in committee meetings and participating in a fishbowl discussion yesterday. Some delegates went out in the city afterwards and made the day even longer. Others decided to get to bed early to get a good night of sleep to be ready for today.

This morning, the committee meetings continued. It’s time to put the last touches to the resolutions and allocate the speeches.

Then, it was finally time to get a glimpse of Luxembourg City as everyone went sightseeing with their committees. There were various locations such as the old town, the Corniche the remains of ‘Lucilinburhuc’, the castle of Luxembourg  we visited, but in a different order. After one and a half hours of sightseeing, there was some free time before the cultural evening started. 

Some delegations had met up in a café to make plans for the cultural evening. There were all different kinds of acts. From German and British kahoot quizzes to the Luxembourgish national anthem,  from refuting French stereotypes to emphasizing the Dutch ones. 

Two hours of being amused by other delegations was still not enough for some. A couple of them decided to go out once again and see Luxembourg at night.