Some welcome words


Dear delegate, committee president, coordinating teacher, member of the press team, parent or other guest,
I would like to welcome you to the website of our WEMEPII conference.
My name is Emma Hanegraef and I am the head of presidency of the WEMEPII session that will be held in the beautiful city centre of Lier, my hometown.
The MEP is a project that aims to create a simulation of the European Parliament in the most realistic way possible. This way students can have a taste of the life of a politician and might get new insights on their talents and interests.
The presence of the EU is essential for our daily lives. We want to highlight the importance of the EU and the decision making the institution practices every day.
The MEP is organised by and for youth, which means that it gives students the opportunity to enhance their personal development and prepare themselves for their future. This does not only include future jobs in politics, but also in every other line of business. The skills you acquire here can be applied to all kinds of daily life situations.
What I personally find the most fascinating about the MEP, is the cultural exchange that takes place. It is a chance to enrich your own culture by getting to know other ones and sharing your own.
On this website you can find the general information about the MEP, but also the latest news and action shots of the conference. This way you can always stay up to date.
Have fun discovering our website!
Emma Hanegraef